"As an international outsourcing service provider, we manage numerous customer projects with relevant project meetings, business reviews and planning meetings. For over 3 years we are using Topicshuttle, because it is a very focused tool that has led us to more commitment and reliability in our results. The tool is explained in a jiffy and the support is great."

OUTSIDE professional GmbH, Ralph Lingmann, Managing Director
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The better way to create meeting minutes

With Topicshuttle minutes writing is faster, easier and more understandable.

  • Access from any computer and any browser on your minutes.
  • Invite with an agenda for your appointment and create your minutes seamless.
  • Agree upon your minutes directly online with your most important meeting participants.
  • Send the finished meeting minutes with possible attachments and tasks at your fingertips in seconds.
  • Track the resulting tasks and create to-do lists directly from your minutes.
  • Create your own templates to suit your organization, or use the Topicshuttle template.

  • Get your complete meeting history in a single document for tracking and orientation.
  • No Risk: During the first month you can use Topicshuttle for free.

Projectmanagers are using Topicshuttle

Topicshuttle supports the daily project work and a clear focus on agreed content and provides an overview of current issues:

  • each project as a separate topic, clear minutes assignment to projects and clients
  • unique numbering of all entries for fast identification
  • no expensive training, intuitive start with the first minutes
  • all decisions and the general overview on a topic at your fingertips
  • globally available as a web application via the internet
  • different roles of participants per topic
  • specific agreement upon meeting minutes with selected participants
  • rapid training of new employees through result-oriented views
  • rolling view of completion status and work results in follow up agenda and minutes
  • no more forgotten tasks
  • automatic formatting and standardized minutes layout
  • clear communication cycle agenda - minutes - agenda ...
  • subusers for implementing companies hierarchy and deputies possible

Assistants and secretaries appreciate it

Topicshuttle is the tool that allows you to quicly capture results of meetings in a structured way and save time by avoiding media breaks:

  • individualized Word template or proven standard pdf for your minutes
  • intuitive and straightforward entry screen and quick access to the tool
  • agreement upon meeting minutes with selected participants
  • Document attachments directly in the minutes
  • the follow up minutes/agenda contains all entries already automatically
  • department/company affiliation of stakeholders shown in minutes, as well as roles
  • guests receive only the parts of the minutes in which they were present
  • no forgotten receivers by default
  • topics can be moved to other Topicshuttle users
  • integrated ToDo lists with Excel export
  • current tasks with related documents immediately visible in the follow up minutes/agenda
  • history of meeting minutes directly available in Topicshuttle

Associations and clubs are convinced

Topicshuttle provides organizations and associations a platform for all relevant issues on which facts are created:

  • uniform templates with Club / Association Logo
  • creating liability by clear structure of meeting minutes in different topics
  • to-do lists as excel downloads for tasks and activities of members
  • subusers for distributed work
  • introduction of new members with topic history
  • topics can be moved in case of changed responsibilities
  • individual share of customers or topics in case of absence ore illness
  • all minutes are accessible for authorized topicshuttle users with the "involved topics" function
  • decision log for transparency
  • Integration of guests like speakers or prospects in meeting minutes

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Minutes and Agenda have a clear structure

With Topicshuttle you can create web-based your meetings agenda, minutes and to-do lists, agree upon it with colleagues and distribute it to all recipients.

The minutes itself and every agenda item entry follows a clearly defined structure that just has to be filled with your content. That's why it's so easy to write minutes with Topicshuttle!

All entries are assigned to agenda items. You can upload documents with your agenda items to distribute them with your minutes

In the meeting minutes header you can specify the recipients, the participants, guests and tasks assignees.

For your customers/ clients you can manage all relevant stakeholders at one place. They are available for each new topic assigned to that customer/ client. Assigned to the topic you will find all relevant meeting minutes.

If the date of your meeting is still in the future, you will get an agenda for the planning of your appointment. This agenda document will become your meeting minutes later. After sending the minutes a new agenda will be created with the contents of your minutes. That will help you to plan your follow-up meeting.

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The workflow supports your communication

You can immediately send the completed minutes with Topicshuttle. Or you may use the opportunity to agree upon the minutes with selected participants again before you send anything definitive.

Within this repeatable workflow the selected participants can record their comments in the meeting minutes. You decide on the use of the comments and send the minutes in the final version or you can use the comments function again.

At least before sending the final minutes you may want to preview the minutes document. Opt for one of the two templates, Word or pdf.

Minutes recipients receive next to the link to the minutes special overviews on tasks and outcomes.

Task recipients receive a link to their tasks and easily hang their results to the "ready message" of their duties. Their work results are automatically distributed with the agenda of the next appointment. Task lists can be exported to Excel for further editing.

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The result: Your follow up meeting minutes are almost done

With the sending of your first meeting minutes you will get the agenda for your follow up appointment. All open tasks are automatically transfered until they are marked as done. All other entries will be offered for transfer in your next agenda. Done tasks change their status to information.

All meeting participants can get the actual status of the tasks at anytime, even between meetings.

Open tasks can be edited in the meantime.

There are reports available for every series of minutes. You can choose between a history document with all entries in chronological order or a decision only overview. Additionally you can get all To-Do's for a topic or a customer as an Excel-download.

The structure - proven, compact, clear

In the resolution minutes you can find the main results of your meetings.

To file your minutes in Topicshuttle you will find two areas - customers and topics. If you use Topicshuttle for the first time, you start directly with the first minutes. A first customer with a first topic has already been created.

  • Within a topic all minutes are provided with a unique number based key to give you an orientation. After sending the minutes this key will never change in the follow up meetings. This will give you the opportunity to use this key as a reference for your communication. If you do not need this key you can supress it.
  • The topics are assigned to the individual customers. Customers can also be internal customers or clients.
  • You can define your own roles for every customer (eg. project manager) and assign them to the meeting participants and recipients.
  • You can store a organizational unit or a division to each person.
  • All permanent meeting participants are assigned to that topic. this helps you to quickliy assign them to your meetings. You can also order this participant list to show that order in the meeting minutes document.

You can arrange your meeting with agenda items:

  • In the first meeting minutes, you create all the relevant agenda items. During follow up meetings you can add new agenda items, remove not relevant ones and reuse them in later meetings. Unused agenda items can be added in later meeting with a simple drop down list.
  • For every agenda item you can add guests. If you choose to send them the minutes, they will only get the minutes of the agenda items, they have participated.
  • You can add files to every agenda item as an additional information.
  • The entries of an agenda item are representing the content of your meeting.

For each agenda item you can add entries with a defined structure:

  • Each entry always has
    • a short text with a fixed and immutable number
    • the actual entry text
    • one of the four types: information, discussion, decision or task
    • a date which can be the due date of a task, the date an information is given or the date a decision is taken.
    • one or more responsible people
  • The information type helps you to grasp facts and messages. The date could be the date the information was given and the responsible person could be the one who gave that information. This could be important in case of questions or remarks.
  • The discussion type gives you the opportunity to describe the different moods of the participants, controversies and minority opinions.
  • The decision type helps you to show that there is a concrete result. Again you can use the date and the responsible information to inform about the decision date and the person who took the decision. To give a quick overview about decisions already taken, Topicshuttle offers an overview report on any topic to show all decisions only.
  • All items with the task type will be available to every responsible person after sending the minutes. The responsible people will receive a complete to do list with all tasks. They can do comments on their tasks, upload files as a work result and mark the tasks as done. In the follow up meeting all these informations are fully available and guides you through the meeting. In the meantime you can always download a complete to do list as an Excel file.

For the distribution of the meeting minutes, there are different groups:

  • Recipients always get the complete minutes, irrespective of their participation.
  • Participants are part of the recipients group, but they have attended the meeting
  • Guests have participated in the meeting. There are two different kinds of guests - guests which will get the minutes or guests which will not get the minutes. Guests are also available for each agenda item. In this case you can decide if they will get a minute extract with the participated agenda item only or if they will not get any meeting minutes.
  • It is also possible to assign tasks to people that do not attend the meeting at all. These individuals are listed in the minutes, although they were neither participants nor get any minutes. So is recognizable at first glance that other people are involved in tasks. Instead of the minutes these supporters will get a mail with their duties and the link to the task list.
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The process - intuitive, communicative, centrally

Topicshuttle supports your workflow with clear documents at every stage.

To find an agreement about the minutes contents, you have the opportunity to present the preliminary minutes selected participants for comment.

  • Send your mail traffic password protected. But do not forget to inform your stakeholders about the password in your meeting.
  • Participants can access the minutes contents through a link in your email.
  • The following comments are possible:
    • Creating a comment for the entire minutes
    • Creating a comment for each entry
    • Final closing of the comments with or without final approval

All comments are summarized directly in the meeting minutes. But there is no compulsion for the minutes author to consider the comments. If required you can repeat this process as often as necessary.

After finalization of the minutes you send the final version.

  • Also this mail you can send password protected.
  • The recipients will access the minutes through a link in the mail.
  • Task receivers will always get current tasks in a to do list. A link in the mail will help them to edit their tasks.
  • Additonally recipients will receive the complete overview document and the decision log by mail
  • Own tasks can be edited directly with embedded link. You can also upload work results, giving comments to the assigned tasks and set the status to done. After setting the task status to done, further editing of this task is impossible.

If you want to use Topicshuttle for your company, you can do this with a single registration: you need one user as the main user who creates the further sub-users for your company.

  • You can map your enterprise hierarchy by letting your sub-users create further sub-users, for example, the employees of an organization unit.
  • All services of the sub-users will be charged on the single main user.

You can allow other (sub-) users of Topicshuttle in the company hierarchy to process your minutes. When setting up of deputies there are three ways to grant permissions:

  • You share a topic - Your deputy can handle all meeting minutes of this topic in your name.
  • You share a customer - Your deputy can handle all meeting minutes and topics of this customer in your name.
  • You share your user - Your deputy can handle all meeting minutes, topics and customers of you in your name.

Als Topicshuttle-Nutzer kann man in Topicshuttle alle Protokolle einsehen, bei denen man Empfänger ist: As Topicshuttle user you can see all sent minutes created with Topicshuttle where you are the recipient:

  • Prerequisite: another user in the same company hierarchy has created and sent the minutes. Then you can switch your view to involved topics and you will find all minutes where you are a recipient.

As minutes creator you can move a topic to a different user:

  • Topics of a customer can be moved within the group of minutes recipients if the recipient is also a Topicshuttle user in the same company hierarchy. This can be helpful, if the responsibility to write the meeting minutes will change to a different person in the group.

The result - understandable, binding, consistently

The use of standards helps to focus on contents and the best results.

With the preview, you can always get an impression of your result:

  • You can use a company logo for each client and upload the corresponding image in Topicshuttle. Furthermore, you can create a custom footer and a customer email address in case you have an own mail address in the customers environment.
  • The pdf template is preset as standard. Alternatively, you can use Word templates. You can select the Topicshuttle Word template which suits the most cases or you can download the template and adopt it to your needs (Note: for the latter you need some programming experience.)
  • Should you decide globally for Word templates, you are eliminating the opportunity to use the pdf template.
  • On the other hand, you can add a different Word Template for each customer without using a global Word template. Then you can keep the usage of pdf for the other customers.
  • A third possibility is a global Word template without the usage of the pdf template with individual customer word template if necessary.

Available overviews in Topicshuttle

  • All entries from the past minutes on a agenda item may be available in chronological order:
    • Overview
  • If necessary, only the decisions can be selected:
    • decision-log
  • Additionally you can export all tasks on topic or customer level as an Excel file.
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1. You have the choice: Agenda or minutes

Image: © fotomek / Fotolia
  • Meeting date in the future: Agenda
  • Meeting date in the past:: Minutes
  • Header data: recipients, participants, guests, date, location, ...
  • Agenda items mit entries (contents, responsibilities).

Arrange a password with the recipients.

2. Add your own additional attachments

Image: © fotomek / Fotolia

For agenda items, you can also upload documents (pictures, spread sheets, documents).

These documents will be provided with the sent agenda or minutes.

Task responsibles can view supplied attachments and upload their own results.

3. Use the comments workflow for agreement

Image: © fotomek / Fotolia

Asking for minutes comments from selected participants of the meeting helps the author to finalize the minutes.

This approach usually leads to agreed results of high quality, with which the recipients can identify them later.

4. Select your template: pdf or Word

Image: © fotomek / Fotolia

Have a first Look at the preview of the finished minutes in pdf format. Is it appropriate for your requirements?

You prefer to use Word documents? Use the supplied Word template or adjust it individually for the needs of each of your customers.

5. Send the final minutes

Image: © fotomek / Fotolia

Check all the recipients in the minutes header. Are all important recipients at the top of the list? You can reorder the recipients list to influence the look of your minutes.

Did you get all guests - even guests for individual agenda items?

Send the final version of your minutes and use the agreed password.

6. Take your entries

Image: © fotomek / Fotolia

Should all entries appear in the next agenda/minutes? Or do you only need the tasks?

If you are in doubt, just take all entries and delete the unnecessary entries from the follow up minutes.

7. Keep an eye on the open tasks

Image: © fotomek / Fotolia

All people in charge to work on the tasks are able to update their tasks status at any time.

In the follow up agenda/minutes you can see the actual processing status. You can use this information to plan the next meeting.

8. Use the extract

Image: © fotomek / Fotolia

Get a quick orientation about the topic with the Overview document

Check the decision-log to know where to go.

Use the Excel-download with all to do's and their status.

9. As a Company: Work in a team

Image: © AirOne / Fotolia

Use Topicshuttle with a main-user and sub-users.

Take care that you have a deputy in case of sickness, vacation or unavailability.

Move the topics to other Topicshuttle users to share the responsibility of creating the meeting minutes.

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